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GUINEA PIG BREEDS - short haired, long haired, Abyssinian, skinny, Baldwin, US Teddy, UK Teddy, Merino, Lunkarya, Sheltie, Peruvian, Coronet, Texel, Alpaca - CARE GUIDE: diet, breeds, tamming, grooming, sterilization, communication, sounds, sex recognition, reproduction, diseases, physique, behavior, origin, gender, equipment, accessories, hygiene, vet pet shop.



There are three basic breeds:

1. Short haired
It’s the most popular pig’s breed. Short haired guinea pigs have short, smooth fur. They can be in many colors. This breed doesn’t need brushing or grooming. Probably, it is the main reason of great popularity of short haired pigs.

2. Abyssinian
The fur of this breed is arranged in characteristic rosettes. Abyssinian guinea pig should have three rosettes, but it is difficult to find such one. Some people recommend combing pigs of this breed after a bath, but it isn't necessary.

3. Long haired
Pigs of this breed have long fur, which grows their entire life. There are six “varieties” of long haired guinea pigs: Lunkarya, Sheltie, Peruvian, Coronet, Texel, Alpaca; which fur is curled to different degrees - from completely straight fur (Peruvian), to small curls, which look like they were made with a hair waffle iron (the Texel). Long haired guinea pig requires lots of grooming: haircuts and brushing

Apart from mentioned above three main breeds, there are few other ones:

Skinny - an almost hairless breed (skinnies have a bit of fur on their noses);
Baldwin - a completely hairless breed;
US Teddy - resembles the short haired pig – there’s one difference - it has bristling fur on the head and on the back;
CH Teddy - it has bristling fur all over the body;
Merino – fur is quite short, arranged in waves.

A majority of pigs
, we can find in pet shops and shelters are mongrels.
Just like our piggies :)


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