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GUINEA PIG - accommodation conditions - CARE GUIDE: diet, breeds, tamming, grooming, sterilization, communication, sounds, sex recognition, reproduction, diseases, physique, behavior, origin, gender, equipment, accessories, hygiene, vet pet shop.



Place for a cage

Which room?

Guinea pigs are sociable pets. Thatís why we should locate a cage in a room, where you are often present (bedroom). Donít be afraid of ugly smell, only neglected pigs donít smell very nice.

A corridor is also a quite good solution, if there arenít any drafts. You can decide to place the cage in the corridor only if you donít have too many guests.
Bathroom and kitchen are too humid for a guinea pig.

Which part of the room?
The best place is a corner opposite to a door, so that the piggy has the entire room in view and it can see who entrees the room or leaves it. The pig often watches whatís going on outside its cage, sitting on the roof of its house; it is interested what are people in the room doing.

What height?
Optimum height is between 30 and 100cm. The cage should not be located directly on a floor, it is too cold. Putting the cage too high, is also not very good. The majority of guinea pigs have a fear of heights.

What temperature is the best for a guinea pig?

The optimum temperature for your pet is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. It is official information, although I think that the temperature should not be lower than 20 degrees, guinea pigs havetendency to get cold. The cage cannot stand too close to the radiator, because the overheating is not good for the pig. In the hot summer, try to provide a little coolness for your pet. In this period putting the cage on the floor is acceptable. Using a fan isnít a good solution.


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